How Clenbuterol Work?

This could possibly be the most common question among all those people who choose to use the Clenbuterol. Does Clenbuterol work like people tell it does? As there is rise in popularity of supplements that aid in weight loss, the usual question of authenticity is sure to surface.

Clenbuterol is allegedly over hundred times stronger when it is compared with various other fat burners such as ephedrine. Some of the users also assert to have put off over ten pounds of weight in a fortnight. Nonetheless, the proper ways of how the drug works and the sort of results that are drawn can provide us the answer for the question of the hour.

Let’s go through the mechanism of the drug and its effects so that we can land on an inference.

How does Clenbuterol work?

Body builders as well as professional athletes consider the thermogenic properties shown by Clenbuterol to be very much helpful.

They result in the hike in the temperature of the body and also increase the abilities of the body in metabolism of glycogen by putting out glycogen in the glucose into the human bloodstream.

This makes the body incapable of storing and using the glycogen. Because of this, protein and fat are used by the body very quickly for three important purposes: Producing energy, to recycle components of molecules and releasing these components from the body. This makes users of the drug to put off fat from the body.


Clenbuterol can be very much helpful for athletes as well as Body builders as it increases the abilities of aerobics in the body. To be clearer, it helps the body to transit oxygen by hiking the blood pressure.

As a result, Clenbuterol is an essential element in many drugs prescribed by specialists. People use the drug for anabolic reasons though it remains to be controversial. Some of the studies on animals have also come up with evidences for gain in muscles in the animals. However, this hasn’t been seen in humans as of now.

Clenbuterol is usually administered through livestock making animals more muscular as well as leaner.


The dosage must be increased gradually as time passes so that users can witness and regulate their level of tolerance. This is obtained by hiking the dosage slowly every single day until the saturation range of dosage is touched. When the drug is used like this, many of the adverse side effects can be prevented, especially those that impact the blood pressure. Common dosage for men and women is nearly 3 tablets for a day.

Side Effects of Clenbuterol

After consumption of Clenbuterol, a human body may become prone to a few common side effects and most of them could be of stimulating nature. Undoubtedly Clen is itself a stimulant. Its side effects may be seen in people in the different forms.

Meanwhile these side effects are short lived and they disappear as soon as your body becomes adaptive. Commonly experienced side effects are:

  1. Weird feeling
  2. Shaking hands and frequent sweating. Many of the users who experience such effects to some extent may usually sense them in the beginning of their use.

As people become stimulant, like similar effects may start to be along.

While using Clenbuterol, it is usually mistaken that with the disappearance of stimulating effects of Clen its thermogenic effects also stop working. In many cases the stimulating effects drop significantly within 7 days or more however considering  that the fat eliminating potential has abolished due to the reduced stimulation is wrong.

Intake of same dose of Clenbuterol practically keeps the metabolism active for more than a month. After a month, its effects will be decreased as he body becomes certainly adaptive. Following the body’s capability, essential modifications should be made.

Besides of above common side effects of Clen, other usually seen effects are:

  1. Headache
  2. Muscle pain
  3. Nausea

Pain doesn’t occur so common but it is seen in many people. To avoid it, you should drink a lot of water or take supplement with taurine.

Results for weight loss

The time period of usage of the drug varies with the goals set by users. If users are targeting loss of weight, a time period of 4 to 6 weeks would do well. You must also observe the fluctuations in the temperature of the body.

However, using the drug for longer duration could be completely useless as the body would resist the actions of the drug after sometime. You must take a break before you start using it again.